Our Deceased Knights

Below is a memorial to Knights who have passed. These Knights were either a member of St. Lawrence Martyr Church and/or a current or former member of Fr. Bernard Harding Council.

A memorial Mass is held each year at St. Lawrence Martyr Church to honor thier memory.

Fr. Bernard Harding Council
  Dennis Bailey
  Steve Dailey
  John Dorn
  Greg Grove
  Cayetano Ibañez
  Daniel Murray
  William Myers
  Anthony Naples
  Charles "Ray" Tansill
Keough Council *
  Bernard Carlin
  Daniel W Dean, Jr
  John Eggerl
  Lou Firlie
  Joe Lavesque
  Ezio Rebechi

* - Prior to Fr. Bernard Harding Council being formed in 1998, St. Lawrence Martyr Church was associated with Keough Council.

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